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L asked 4 months ago

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
The matter I’m asking about is very complicated. If someone committed the sin of catfishing multiple people, (which means using the picture of someone else online and pretending to be them), how can they make it up? If let’s say, they have asked most people who were affected for forgiveness online, either the people who were betrayed or the ones they used their pictures of. Some don’t reply (because they have many followers) and never see the message, what should they do? What about those who don’t forgive them, what can you do? Because it was years ago, many accounts that they used for catfishing can’t be found again or are locked, so they can’t apologise to the people on there, will all this come back to the person on the Day of Judgement? Hurting the rights and honour of others is very wrong but how can it be reversed in a case like this, everything was online and the affected people are not always available to apologise to or won’t always forgive you, what will happen to the person? I hope it makes sense and I apologise greatly for the long message. Would it change something if some of these things happened in a time where the person was not practising? They are still accountable for their deeds right? Will they bear the others sins and give away their good deeds to them on the Day of Judgement?
بارك الله فيك for your efforts in helping the community