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Fatema asked 4 months ago

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatouhu. I am from India & my problem is I don’t want to join in Non Muslims’ occasion like puja. I just avoid it but sometime I have to join it for political purpose. Because I am government officer. But I feel bad at that time. Some people say if you feel bad, leave the service. But think if all muslim leave their jobs in this way, then there will be no muslim officer, then injustice and oppression will continue to increase. I can help people in many ways. So,why should I quit job???Besides the worst thing is that there are many muslim,who are called muslim, not real muslim.They are getting involved in idol worship, so, it’s not possible to make a muslim group something like that.There are some muslim who say that they celebrate our religious festival, why don’t we celebrate their festival? No division etc. etc. they explained to me. But I told them we can help each-other such as standing by, in times of danger, but there is no need to celebrate their festival.It’s not possible to change their mind & thinking. But Senior officer say to me, other muslim officer don’t have any problem, what’s your problem???
Sometime I have to do it. I don’t know that Allah will forgive me or not?