Zainab Abdulhamid asked 6 months ago

I have two suitors and both of them want to marry me. The problem is that the one that is more serious is a shisha smoker, he told me himself and thats why I don’t want to marry him but he is more serious about us getting married as soon as possible, maybe is because he is financially stable. I prayed istikhara several times , my mind is at ease with the other suitor that doesn’t smoke he got a job 2 months ago so I asked him to come and meet my parents formally about the issue so he said he is going to do that after he started receiving salary from the new gotten job. He said he’s coming to greet them February ending but is like he is only meeting and greeting them that February. Something is wrong recently which I cant figure out he doesn’t use to bring up any marriage related issues like before, It seems to me like he is delaying things I started to doubt him. God knows I want to get married as soon as possible and I’m also confused, so I started to think maybe I should give the other one that smokes shisha a chance to come and meet my parents since he is ready for marriage and at the same time I don’t want to make the wrong choice. Please a sister is in need of urgent advice.