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Aaliyah Henry asked 1 year ago

Assamlamu alaikum wanrahmatula wahbarakahtahu.

I have a question relation to cutting ties and extreme anger.

My husband’s relative has caused issues in the past but I have always been civil and not had any arguments in order to keep the peace.

Although the other day she threatened to make up some allegations to social workers about my son, in order to obviously probably try get him removed from me. May Allah protect us.  At this point I got really angry and swore at her which I regret. I am unable to contact to apologise for swearing because I’ve I have been blocked.

Further to that this isn’t the first time she has caused issue to me or my marriage and wondered is it permissible to cut ties in this instance and I don’t want my family being threatened repeatedly it’s causes me allot of mental stress these threats. I’ve been worried that every knock at the door is police or social worker because she’s rang them and made up some horrible things to try break my family.

And what can I do in the instance I can’t actually apologise for swearing, I don’t actually want to speak to her or agree with what she said but on my behalf I have to take responsibility for my response and I should have acted calmer it’s totally out of my personality to react like that to someone and Allah says that I need to ask forgiveness from the people so I’m worried about this burden on my head.

JazakAllah khair


Umm musa