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Wasim asked 2 years ago

assalamu alaikum hope your well. I have a question regarding owning a share in a stock im bit confused. So just say i buy a stock share of facebook. Facebook get the income through people paying them for advertisements such as selling products an services. Now sometimes people advertise alcohol and some people advertise betting apps. However facebook is just an app that you can advertise on and it does not own any alcohol or any betting shares. Would it be permissible to buy a share and own a part of facebook. Another question is selling platforms such as ebay and Amazon could i buy shares of them. The problem is that people can list alcohol and haram food and other stuff on these platforms but these platforms will not own any of these haram items they just to put people advertisement on the platform. So will this be permissible to but a share and own a part of the company Last question is day trading allowed. Day trading is when you buy a stock and sell it in same day. So if i buy a stock for £50 and it goes up £5 in 3 minutes i sell the stock and but more of the stock to sell is this allowed. Some people say it is gambling and speculation but how is it when you using indicators and tools to predict if prices is going up or down Sorry for long question Thanks for your time