QuestionsCategory: Beliefs in Islamdepressed and does not want to pray, is death better for me?
anonymous asked 11 months ago

I wish I was never born because I don’t like living. I find no pleasure in everyday activities. I find it hard to believe in Jannah and also I don’t even want Jannah or Jahannam. I don’t want to be given a choice between them, I don’t want to live at all. Is there a way to just quit this test of life? I tried praying, I used to pray everyday. But I got tired. I can’t be doing this everyday. I just want to end it rather than continue sinning. I find it too hard to read quran and frankly i don’t enjoy it or find peace or whatever. I decided I’m gonna end it all few years ago and I’m just too scared of the pain and the punishments behind it. But more and more, I’m just hoping I will be excused from the punishments. I never asked for this life nor jannah why am I being forced to go through all this. I don’t want to carry on anymore.