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Mehrdad asked 2 months ago

Assalam Walaikum,
Recently my father has been saying really nasty things about my wife’s appearance to me and telling me lies about her. He told me to make sure that I did not tell her. She already feels uncomfortable with his passive aggressive behavior towards her and her parents.
It made me really upset that he said all these things about her that I could not keep them to myself and told her. I could not say anything to him becuase he is very temperamental and violent and becuase of previous fights with him my wife and mother asked me to stay quite whenever he talks to me.
Now my wife is very visibly upset and my dad called me and asked what did I tell her and then insulted me and her.
Was I wrong to tell her? It was not a secret that I could just keep, he was backiting and slandering my wife to me. He told me numerous times he’s not happy with my marriage becuase her dad is a chef. 
Thank you.

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ISCC Staff answered 1 month ago

Wa Alykum Assalam,
May Allah help you and your father.  You did not need to tell your wife because you knew that your father was not telling the truth. Why you had to convey lies. May Allah give some wisdom. Ameen.