Ziya asked 10 months ago

At the time of marriage my husband was misleading about his finances and identity. I live in the U.S and he lives in Africa. After we married I found out his visa to the U.S is fraudulent. I asked him for a divorce because of all of the misleading information. Not to mention he is unable to provide for me. I can’t afford to fly in and out the country to visit him. We married 5 months ago. 4 months ago he said he wanted a divorce as well because I ask to many questions. Since then he has changed his mind about wanting to divorce me, but I still want to divorce being that I truly don’t know who I’m married too. Will we be divorce since it will be 4 months since he pronounced divorce and I don’t want to reconcile? If not How do I continue with the divorce? We got married islamicly and legally in Africa which is not registered in the states. Will we have to divorce islamicly and legally as well in Africa?