Iman asked 3 years ago

Asalamu alaikum I have this dilemma. My husband and I have three girls and I am over the age of 40. My husband recently gave me an ultimatum that I have to give him another child or he will legally divorce me and marry someone from abroad. He desperately wants to try for a son. He already has a second wife , in her late forties, which he married a year ago. Regarding this issue she told him she is unable to have any more kids. So then he came back to demand from me. He said he would legally divorce me so he can bring a third wife from abroad as his legal wife and stay married to me islamically. Is this possible or would the legal divorce count as a talak? He had already said talak in the past on two separate occasions. Furthermore, he is rarely home. He works away and only comes to be with us on the weekends, when he\\\’s not busy. When he\\\’s home he doesn\\\’t get involve in the day to day parenting of his kids. He acts more like a friend and refuses to set boundaries and discipline . He is also often quite harsh in his manner of speaking to me. He says hurtful and disrespectful words to me but refuses to acknowledge he has done wrong and laughs it off. I become very upset and this has caused us to frequently fight in front of the kids. He s an supportive husband and an absent father but kids love him dearly and are always very excited and happy to see him. I want to keep the family unit intact but I don\\\’t want to have another child that I will be basically taking care of on my own as I have always done. He only provides monetary support but no emotional or physical support in the upbringing of our children. What should I do? Jazakum Allah khair