Khan asked 5 years ago

Salam, my husband and i are married for the past 5 years.after 3months of our marriage my husband physically abused me.i gave him a chance thinking i should work on my marriage and thinking about my family.a year later, he did the same thing. now we dont live together. he verbally divoced me once, but we started living together again as he convinced me that the divorce was not valid.the second time i told him i want a divorce, n he said i will give u a divorce if u bring me to canada. i told him that u always change ur words, then he divorced me on the phone saying i divorce u 3times.He said if u take me to canada, i will divorce u legally right away and u dnt have to go through anything, cuz my family will not support me if i want to divorce him.he promised n said all i want is a pr to come to canada, and then i will legally divorce u.I have startes hating parents still want me to try.his aunt has verbally abused me.I have given my best and have tried to the fullest.recently he spoke to my family members and changed his words that he doesnt want to come for canadian pr but only to save our marriage. he has done this several times.he abused me n said sorry n said this will never happen again, he did it again and i know he will not change.what should i do?