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azeem ahmed asked 4 years ago

Dear Imam We my wife and myself had some serious issues in our marriage and during these issues my wifes brother had passed away with normal death . My wives family blame me for the death of their brother who lived in another country saying that due to stress between me and my wife her brother could not cope with it. My wife has left without me knowing , I know that she is living with her parents in another country . I have repeatedly tried to contact her through phone , email and whatsapp but i see that she deletes the messages and does not reply to the email . I am in alot of stress for the past 4 months , i have now sent her an email pronouncing Talaq 3 times with saying her name and also entered the id number that was used for nikah. we have had no sexual relationship in the past 4 months . Is the Talaw valid through email and whats app message which i know she checks . I also do not have a copy of the nikah which she has in her possession . Please let me know if there is anything specific i need to write in the email regarding Talaq to her . May Allah bless you Azeem ahmed