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Saeeda asked 1 year ago

My name is Saeeda I’m writing to inquire and obtain fatwa for my case.
My husband said me I divorce you first time around 3 years ago and he declared to our family as well.
Second time, he was very angry as we were having argument which was heated up and verbally abusing and then in state of extreme anger he said me I divorce you but soon after he got calm after some time he was like what did i exactly say to you I dont remember and was not willingfully wanted to say this.
Third time also on different occasion, the situation was almost same as when he gets angry he gets very hyper extreme angry n breaking stuff.
He is depression patient and also takes medicines on and off to cure his depression.
I would like to know if divorce takesplace in a state of intense anger(ighlaq).
Please provide me with fatwa with any references in light of islam in support of your answer.