QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsDoes ﷲ deliberately want to send some men to Hell by making them extreme unlucky?
Marcus Holloway asked 1 year ago

ﷲ does not even have the smallest amount of wish to establish justice on Earth. He falsely claims Himself just when He never wishes to establish justice even if some people pray millions of times to get justice for the same matter. Well, I will mention some aspects of Humans in which ﷲ has made huge injustice. 

  1. Height
  2. Color of skin
  3. Sexual Excitement (Gender discrimination, read more below to understand how it is injustice)
  4. Premature Gray or Grey hair (Giving premature gray/grey hair to few youngsters, kids & teens only when most of the young age people are free from premature gray hair) 
  5. Thickness of hands(When all adults have thick hands, then unrighteous ﷲ decides to make only 1 adult person’s hands the thinnest hands in the world) 
  6. Premature beard & Mustache (Very few number of boys have this problem but still those who face this problem, they are greatly ashamed in front of whole society).
  7. Health (some people are unnecessarily unhealthier than others without any reason)
  8. Genetic matters (Which are defined before birth from the genes of mother & father)
  9. Popularity (Some people get much popularity very quickly without doing that much work but there are many other people who do not get any popularity even if they try their best. Example: YouTube career, other social networking platform etc.) 
  10. Division of Property between brothers & sisters ( Although female humans never have the responsibility to pay for anything in Islam, not even for the expenses of herself, but still ﷲ unnecessarily has decided to female humans half properties compared to their brothers. Why do men have to carry the 100% expenses of families when they get only 66.6% share of the properties?)
  11. Memory saving speed & Memory lasting time in Human brains( It differs from person to person, that’s why some students can achieve amazing better results in exams without even studying so hard but others cannot achieve good results)
  12. Natural strength & speed of writing (For some students practice does not help to achieve the ability to write fast without over-writing or making mistakes but others can achieve this ability without even practicing)

Now regarding sexual excitement: Female humans suffer almost no sexual excitement compared to male humans but still there is no any prize mentioned for male humans exclusively for males only in Islamic Paradise from any authentic source. For extra sexual excitement, it is harder for male humans to perform salat and to stay pure than for female humans. Although male humans have much more sexual excitement than female humans, but yet female humans get much more pleasure than male humans during sexual intercourse. This is also another example of injustice of .
I could mention more & more aspects of life where ﷲ has established injustice but these 12 points are enough to say what I have mentioned about 
Where are the morality, righteousness and Justice of ?!?                      
ﷲ will give some people easy access to Jannah. Specially ﷲ will give female humans very easy access to Jannah which is totally unjust. Even many good humans will take much more just & righteous decisions than ﷲ if ﷲ let them to decide something about the world. 
Don’t inform me that  is testing the unlucky people who are facing injustice in the world. Because there is a limit in patience which  must understand & must not cross the limit in testing which may break the patience of His servants. But the absolute truth is ﷲ deliberately breaks the patience of few people by testing them so hard that they cannot tolerate the injustice anymore.