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Halidi asked 1 month ago

Last year aside from having visions of what seemed to be future events : I saw armies marching in one dream and I was warning people of upcoming war. In another dream I saw a nuclear missile explode and after that people mourning somewhere with a lot of snow. And in a dream few years ago I saw a tornado and a tsunami somewhere in a desert area probably middle east. 
This shocked me the most I heard a mighty voice speak to me at night saying ” let this be a reminder for those who have been removed from the cover of my remembrance”. This wasn’t a dream as I had just woken up.
I have also literally seen in a weird dream 3 entities in space one of them had a superman sign outfit and that entity travelled from space to earth in a matter of seconds until he reached where I was and I literally felt the entity coming inside of me. After that I saw the number 18:86 in the dream and I had a feeling it was a reference to the Quran. And it’s where Allah speaks to Dul Qarnayn.
I have tried to understand the meaning of all of this but it’s complicated, in another dream it was written that I was a warner and in that dream I heard missiles and heard that a person was cut in half which reminded me of Dajjal ( the Antichrists) powers. I have had a dream in which I was in space seeing very beautiful stars and the milky way. There was a period that I was hearing voices and I’m sure they were jinn but they sometimes told me to pray so I assume they were not devils(evil jinn). The voices told me Dul Qarnayn was a mighty Messenger because God spoke to him and gave him authority. They also sometimes tried to make me believe I’m the anointed one.
But I’m not afraid of jinn although they seem to be able to read or know what’s in my mind and feelings. I have seen what I believe to be two angels when I was a child they were two light blue beings in a spirit shape laying next to me. They have also told me I’m the Mahdi and that it is a title but I don’t believe them either. I have however heard another voice tell me that I’m the rightly guided one while the jinn were speaking to me. I was told to ignore the voices until I go to Makkah.
Thank you for reading if u made it this far. 
So I guess my question is what does this all mean? I’m 23 I need help from someone learned please.