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Hilal asked 3 years ago

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
I had a question about meat and agriculture and if it’s halal or not. Please do not mind my English.
Nowadays animals live a miserable life: baby cows are torn apart from their mother (for milk production), male chickens are being killed by birth and the animals overall can hardly go outside of their cages to graze or see sunlight. Besides all of this, agriculture is the number 1 cause for global warming, for the
cutting of billions of kilometers of forrests and plants, the habitat loss and becoming extinct of all kinds of animals, for the destroying of our oceans and many many other things. My question is: our beautiful faith that cares SO much about animals and nature, and prohibits harming and hurting them in any way, how can this business be halal in any way? And how Is supporting this business halal? And is eating meat, thats causing SO much missery to animals and our nature halal? In the past eating meat may be halal, but since this agribusiness is having a whole other misserable path these times, can supporting this be considered halal?
I hope i was able to be clear enough to make you understand my question, and i hope you can answer my question. thank you in advance!