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Abdur Rahim asked 2 years ago

Assalamu alaykum
I’m a practicing muslim and I am a bit confused about one issue. I understand allah created humans and knows our destiny (i.e. what we will do etc. and our final abode either hell or paradise) but allah lets us live on earth so that on the day of judgement we cannot say to allah we were not given a chance, because we were allowed to live on earth and make our own decisions and such. However my problem is that every one is given different tests and some more difficult than others for example some people are given wealth and others poverty. So my first question is couldn’t the individual given test of poverty say to allah u didn’t give a test in wealth for which I might have done better and vice versa for a individual with the test of wealth. Even if the individual is told you will be given better reward in the here after, but what if the earthly problems they were given prevented them from praying and having faith (i.e. Allah didn’t answers their prayers). Whilst the individual with wealth is able to live comfortably and offer salah with ease and perform hajj. This would mean surely the individual with wealth would enjoy success in this life and hereafter.