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Khansa asked 1 year ago

Respected imam,
please help me understand that whether i m doing something wrong or it is something else. I have committed some major sins in the past like zinah and i am guilty for it i have done tauba and have no intentions of being the same person i am trying to work on my self and be a religious person. Few months ago my parents were finding a spouse for me and by Allah’s fazal my parents found some really good proposals and from one place it was just about to get fixed they called my aunt to their home and later they did not respond this happened from 2 more places. I thought it was happening because of the sins i have committed. After some time my father got a gland inside his throat we thought it’s because of smoking. Then i was giving my exams in which i was not able concentrate and from then i m really getting depressed day by day. Then during the holy month of Ramadan i came back to my home from hostel and everything was starting to break lyk everyday something in my house which I loved started breaking. Then the things like 4lamps 2 fans, microwave, washing machine , started breaking. Then my parents went into a fyt for half Ramadaan for no reason..  from the time i have started my repentance i have started offering regular prayers and often reciting the holy Qur’an almost daily. Why is it happening to me please give me a solution to this it is making me highly demotivated everyday and leading me into depression.