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Khadija asked 4 months ago

I am a mother of a one-year old boy whose paternal uncle shows affection towards him in awkward ways.
My husband’s brother is a 28 year-old single. For job reasons he spends a lot of time in our house and often, it seems that he hangs around even when without any reason.
Before my child turned one year, his uncle would take him in his arms, pull him close to his face and kiss him in the mouth. My child was confused looking (I never kiss him in the mouth).
I talked about it with my husband and asked him to tell his brother not to do it anymore. Then my husband told his mother to tell everybody not to kiss our son in the mouth. Nevertheless, the uncle still takes him in his arms, pulls him close to his face and kisses him elsewhere. Every time he interacts with my son, he comes so close to him, stairs at him, or shows him his tongue, or takes his hand and starts to touch it and play with it. With my child he uses effeminate tones and gestures.
My husband says it is not a problem. But I think that uncle’s behaviour is inadmissible. My child agitates in his uncle’s presence, as he probably feels that something is wrong.

I would like to know Islam says about eccessive “affection” between uncle and a baby boy. I would also like to know what I can do as a mother.