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Umar Hussain asked 5 months ago

Assalamu Alyaikum,
I have some issues regarding my family meaning my mum and dad.
Just a background my mum took a “Khula” about 5 years ago I think.
I was not aware fully at the time, my mum and dad are in there mid 50’s, dad did not treat my mum properly for many years and my mum stayed with him. But decided to take the divorce after 30+ years. I was not fully happy with this, but this was my mums choice and did not have a say.
For some reason my mum still stayed in the same house for 5 years and now decides to move out.
I said she can move with us meaning me and my wife for time being. But my mum said that she needs to “move on with her life”. I asked what she meant and she said she “wants to remarry”. I said why don’t you forget getting married and focus on your Deen and grandchildren as you don’t know about life.

I recently found out that my mum has already been in contact with the man she wants to marry. She has known him for about 5 years. I’m basically not happy with this situation. I don’t know if islamically she is allowed to get married again at this age and how the whole situation is going to cause a division within the extended family and community.
I just need some advice, as how to approach this matter with my mum. Can I be angry and upset can I kind of like blackmail and say I wont be happy and will stop talking to my mum.
I’m just really annoyed as I am 33 years old and for my mum to do this I just think what is the point at this age, death can come at any time and theres more to life than marriage.
Jazaka’Allah Khaire
I will be waiting for your response