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Mohammad Aman asked 9 months ago

Assalamu Alaikum
I hope you are well by the grace of God.
 Shaykh, I have two questions for you.
At first I apologize for the big questions.

Question 1: Shaykh, after my marriage I have not yet brought my wife home.  Now I do not earn a good income.  But I want to support my wife with what I earn.  But, my parents want me to give them all the money I earn.  They don’t like taking care of my wife.  When I want to take care of my wife, they take pains and get very angry with me.  They want me to take care of my wife when I bring her home.  Not before that.  Now the main thing is, what will be my sin as a result of their unreasonable dissatisfaction?  <span;>Because, <span;>I will not violate the rights of parents by claiming the rights of the wife<span;>I want to fulfill my parents’ rights and my wife’s rights together. <span;> <span;>Will I be a sinner because of my parents’ unreasonable dissatisfaction and mental anguish?

<span;>Question 2: Shaykh, my wife and I do not like to go abroad to earn money.  We<span;> want to support our family by earning halal money without going abroad.<span;>(My father still lives in Saudi Arabia Alhamdulillah our family is still prosperous.) But, my parents want me to go abroad and earn millions of money.  I don’t want to go abroad.  <span;>Because, it makes me think that I can get involved in bad things because I will stay away from my wife<span;>.  I don’t like to earn money away from her just to protect my character and neither does my wife.  But, my parents don’t want to accept that.  Because of this they are angry with me.
<span;>Is it permissible for them to be angry with me and to feel hurt?<span;>  Or <span;>will allah be displeased with me? Am I sinner?
Jazakallah Khairan.

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ISCC Staff answered 7 months ago

Wa Alykum Assalam,   You should take care of your wife and children and give whatever your parents.  You should stay with your wife and let your parents know the rights of wife after marriage. May Allah guide them. Ameen