QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsFathers duty towards his wife and children
Samiya asked 2 years ago

I am hoping you can shed some light onto my current situation. My father in- law repeatedly tells me that my husband should not be changing our children’s (boy age 20month and girl age 3 weeks) nappies  and that it is not a man’s job to do this when his wife is available.
Allhumdulillah my husband has always been hands on with our children and since our daughter has arrived he is doing as much as he can to take the load off me.
I Understand Islam states that a man should be more than a financial provider towards his family. However, my father In-law insists that he is right, his comments hurt me deeply especially when he states that he got his son married to make his life easier not harder. 
I don’t want to cause any arguments or be rude so I remain silent but i’m finding it hard as I now feel as though I’m not doing my duty as a wife and mother. 
Please can you advise me on what is correct and how I can address this situation.