QuestionsCategory: Money MattersFatwa on university education payed under OSAP
Hibah Rajput asked 2 years ago

Asalam u alaikum
I hope you are doing well, Insha’Allah.
I am an 18 year-old girl who lives in Ontario. My career goal is to become a doctor one day and help other Muslim women through gynecology/oncology. However, education here is very expensive and in my family, only my dad works. So he is not able to pay for my tuition alone, especially considering that I have an older brother that is also studying here. The Ontario government offers OSAP where, considering the financial status and ability of the family, they provide the student with an amount of grants and loans. The grants we get to keep and the loan we must pay back after 6 months of stopping full-term education. The process of becoming a doctor here is very long, meaning that the loans can accumulate. And with loans comes interest. So I have been hesitant as to how to continue with my education and Insha’Allah become a doctor without falling into haram.
Jazak’Allah Khair