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Yasmeen Allahaleh asked 3 months ago

As-salamu alaykum, I am a muslim teenager and I have a couple of questions about art and different rulings. I love to draw anime cartoon characters as I enjoy watching them as well. I don’t watch or draw any inappropriate things and keep everything within the islamic guide lines. But recently Ive found out that some of the scholars say its haram to draw living creatures because Allah (swt) will ask us to breathe life into them. In no means do I try to compete with Allah(swt) as he is the creator of all things and I understand that no one can even create the smallest thing, such as a mustard seed. I love Allah (swt) so much that words cant even describe. Im scared to disappoint him, but there are so many opinions I don’t know who to follow. I feel I am trapped, but I have no intention of doing any bad. I heard the Maliki school of thought says it only applies to 3D objects , but there are so many opinions. Im in a loop hole. I’ve asked my teacher and my local community and they all say it’s okay if you don’t hang it up or worship it, it’s also what I thought for many years. I am very stressed about the matter because I want to draw, but I’m scared that at the end, it does turn out to be haram, I will be punished by Allah as I hate to disappoint him. Will I get punished if I chose the opinion and it turns out to be wrong?
I will always follow Allah (swt) and his messenger Rasulullah (s), as I love them dearly both.
May Allah bless you,