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Abdulfattah asked 2 years ago

My question is whether i should repent to Allah or not. Lately I’ve really wanted to repent to Allah and turn back to Allah. However, there is something stopping me from doing so. When ever i want to repent to Allah there’s this feeling I get that reminds me of past sins I’ve committed. For example, I am a person who used to backbit a lot. So when I ever i want to repent something tells me that how can i repent to Allah when I’ve back bit so much people. Another thing that stops me is that I have pride in my heart. When I ever I wan tto get closer to Allah I start having prideful thoughts that make look down upon others. I’ve tried man things to combat this, whether it’s making dua or hitting myself when i get a prideful thought, but nothing works, the pride has not left me yet. So these things prevent me from repenting to Allah. And as a result I’ve increased in sin and when ever i tried to repent to Allah i remember that I have pride in my heart and that I’ve backbit many people. So I tell myself what’s the point of repenting to Allah. Also I feel like even if I do repent to Allah, I’ll still have pride in my heart and that I’ll eventually backbit someone so what’s the point of repenting. That is my question,
Jazak Allah.