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Qurat ul ain Omer asked 1 year ago

Asalam o aalikum. I have a question about family fights. We are only two sisters and got married in the same home. My mother in law is my mother’s sister. After marriage my mother in law had problems with us. i have always tried to resolve issues by talking but it had no effect. At the end after 17 months of marriage my father in law said that my parents are not allowed to come our home and it caused a huge fight between my parents and inlaws. Here I wanna mention that after marriage I live alone in my inlaws house because my husband lived in germany at that time. I became very sick due to my husband’s absence. My mother visited me often and stayed with me in my inlaw’s house because of my health. When I was alone I was not able to sleep whole night and I became so sick. Now its been almost 2 years that my inlaws and my parents had fight they don’t talk to each other. My parents have no problem in ending fight but my father in law has so much ego he says that my parents should appologize by joining their hands infront of him which I finds very disrespectful for my parents. Now I want to end this fight but I don’t have courage to say so becase of my father in law’s behaviour. My question is what should I do in this situation? What did islam says about it? and what is the proper method in islam for ending fights? Please gide me in light of islam and kindly reply me as soon as possible.
thank you for your help in advance.