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Qasim asked 2 years ago

Sallam Brother,   I have been researching more about Islam this Ramadan and have come across some new information which sounds very logical but is contradictory to traditional Islamic belief. I would really appreciate your input and guidance as to the claims made by brother Yusuf, which on the face of it seem very logical. There are many claims, but I just want to share a couple of them with you:   Claim 1: The Quran does not say follow the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), rather follow the message given by the messenger. Meaning that we should not be following the sunnah/hadith rather only the Quran because it answers all of our questions. He’s explained very clearly in other lectures on questions such as Salat etc…   Claim 2: Quran tells us to follow a luni-solar calendar rather than a purely solar calendar. This would make Ramadan fall at a different time (same time every year) rather than coming earlier every year.     I am getting confused as to the beliefs that I have been brought up with and these new claims, which again, are very logical and supported by proof from the Quran.