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Araba Islam asked 4 months ago

I am in a dire need for some advice,  I was recently in a forced arranged marriage. From the beginning I did not like my husband, when I heard about him, I told my parents I wasn’t interested, but my mom installed fear in me saying this is the marriage Allah chose for me and denying it will get me punished. Out of fear I said yes to the marriage. I soon later realized that I have no compatibility or attraction towards my husband, and I begged my mom to call off the marriage, but she instead yelled to kick me out, knowing that I am not financially stable. Now married, I am miserable everyday, my husband is not a bad person, but I am not attracted to him. At all. Being intimate with him grosses me out and emotionally damage me. My parents knows of my discomfort and chose to honor their reputation over my deteriorating mental health. I am at loss, I keep on having horrifying thoughts and even wanting to run away. I have also found out that a forced marriage is also not valid in Islam. I need some advice, please if you could reach out to me I would be ever so grateful.