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Nil asked 1 month ago

I believe in ONLY one God. I am a Sikh. when I was 13, my cousin introduced me to Islam and I kind of went along with it as I was scared of him as I was young and naive. He told me not to pray to something called “Jinn” or spirits (can be good or bad) or genies when translated to English as this is what magicians do. I for a laugh when I was 14, said halfheartedly “Oh Jinn, you are God, show me a magic trick and how to do it”. I may have said the word for Devil in arabic but I think I said Jinn. I can’t remember that. I knew that this was a sin, but didn’t know of how bad it was. For some reason, this action I did 6 years ago popped into my head as I am quite lonely and stressed during coronavirus lock-down. I regret the decision so much , I have been averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night in the last month. All my confidence and happiness has gone. I for some reason think that I am going Hell eternally. I have prayed to God multiple times from the bottom of my heart asking for forgiveness. I am scared of the worst possible outcome which is Eternal Hell. I love God with all my heart. I think I can never be forgiven and I do not how to live the remainder of my life peacefully. When I measure my heart beat, I get about 110-130 beats per minute which frightens me. I am 20 now. My mum and dad have informed that there is nothing to worry about at all and that God shows unconditional love and forgiveness to those who repent from the bottom of their heart. They went onto say that I was young, naive and foolish and Jinns do not exist. Priest, please can you answer if I am forgiven and what can I do to stop worrying about the afterlife? I feel so unnerved and on edge. I struggle to remember tasks and find it difficult to enjoy my normal hobbies. I feel scared as well of what the future awaits for me and worry if I can get a good job or be a good and happy father for when I have children in about 10 years. I feel as though I have done the biggest and most unforgivable sin in the eyes of God and will be in Hell forever. Please can you tell me how to stop worrying and if I have been forgiven. Thank you, looking forward to your reply. May God bless you.