Mohd Fahad asked 1 year ago

Sir actually because of many views of different people regarding ghusl I go for hadith
I have collected those hadith from many hadith’s that talks ofvtgis, but after going through I am still left with certain confusions, please help me to clear them as soon as possible
1.In most of the hadith I got it written to wash both the hands but non of them talks directly about how, in hadith 242, book of purification, Abu dawood it says that “pour the water with his right hand” so do I need to start like use right hand and put water on left and rub them together.
2.It is not directly mentioned in any hadith of sahih bukhari whether to whip or not head during ghusl rather it is mentioned to soak the heads but in some of its hadith of sahih bukhari it is mentioned to have complete ablution like that of salah but than in a hadith 27, sunan-an-nasai, book of ghusl and tayammum he doesn’t whip the head rather he pour the water on head. What what do I supposed to do. is mentioned in many hadith to use both hands full of water to wash head thrice but the way isn’t elaborated well in sahih bukhari in hadith may be 29 or 30 of it in book of ghusl itbis mentioned to first pour water 3 times followed by rubbing on right side with one hand and left with other but then I found in hadith 251,253 of sunan-an-nasai book of ghusl and tayammum to use handful of water first to pour to right and then another handful on the left and than water full of both the hands to pour over head here it is also suggesting the use of water using only scoop of water rather than both hands for first and second step which contradict he saying of use of both the hands to pour water. Please suggest
Moreover sir if I follow every sunnah including wuzu to have ghusl do I need to have a fresh wuzu offer prayer.