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Ahmed asked 1 year ago

I wanted to marry a girl who received divorce from her husband. The reason for getting the separation is because the guy has indulged into many bad activities including womanist /atheist and alcoholic. The girl was my university fellow and I guided her into that problem to solve the problems by first calling her and guy parents and try to make him understand and then also try to talk to him in isolation and make him understand his responsibilities. Later the guy divorced her.
We fell in love and perform istikhara but my family wasn’t really comfortable due to her divorcee status and later that girl got married to other guy. The Nikkah was done online and it’s been 5 months they guy is not able to meet her even for once as the guy lives in UK and due to COVID he is not able to come to Pakistan
We both still have really strong feelings for each other and really wanted to be married but afraid that that if we do anything which is against the will of Allah Pak.
Please guide me in this matter. I heard one Hadees but do not have any reference “ That once a woman came to Nabi Pak and she told him ( PBUH) that I don’t like my husband and then he said if you say I can called of your nikkah with him”
I need true guidance in the matter