QuestionsCategory: Quran & HadithHadith about transgressing against the boundaries of Allah in seclusion.
Areez asked 1 year ago

I have heard of a hadith in which it says that if a person transgresses against the boundares of Allah in seclusion and does not want other people to know but insists on it will have all his good deeds deleted. I am going to share a few examples with you so that you can clarify this matter. For example, we all have done bad deeds, so does deliberately doing any sin gets all of your good deeds wiped out or is it only for major sins? If a person deliberately does a sin and does not want people to know about it, is it only then that all good deeds get wiped out? I have heard a hadith about a woman who was a prostitute but when she gave a glass of water to a dog, the woman went to heaven, if the woman did a major sin and if she insisted on doing it then how did she go to heaven?