HASSAN SAFDAR ALI asked 3 months ago

My name is Hassan, and I had a personal question regarding Haqooq UL Ibad.
The following incident happened about 20 years ago when I was about 21, and now I am 41 years old.
We had a family friend’s daughter staying at our house, she was two years older than me.
She was in the Nikkah of someone else.
During her stay, me and her grew very close and ended up making out with each other (kissing each other’s lips) several times during her stay.
No sexual intercourse was involved, and no clothes were removed.
That was the first and last time I ever touched a girl, I am not married.
I have been regretful ever since.
Me and her have maintained no such relationship ever since then, and it has never been mentioned again for the last 20 years.
I am also completely out of touch with her.
She is very happily married, and has children.
After this incident I even went for my Haj, and begged for forgiveness throughout the years, and have also never laid a finger on any other girl since.
Now here is my concern,
Since the violation of Haqooq UL Ibad is a sin that only can be forgiven by the person one has effected, in this case, if her husband was the victim of my crime, me asking forgiveness from him would break their marriage, and would expose her sin to him, and shatter her dignity.
More harm than good would come out.
So what am I supposed to do inorder to relieve myself from this sin, if a Haqooq UL Ibad violation has taken place.
Yours very respectfully