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Fabiha asked 2 years ago

assalamualaikum, I am in haram relationship, I realized it few months ago, I am feeling guilty so much, I lied to my parents, I broke their trust, the guy with whom I’m in relationship he is about to do nikah with me in future, I met his mom as well. But the thing is that I told him that I wanna end this haram relationship, I realized my sin, he said that it I will leave him he will not marry with any other girl or else he will harm is self. I don’t wanna broke his heart cuz I’ve heard that allah don’t like people who broke someone heart. I am so confused, I feel like I don’t deserve life, I need proper guidance, I don’t want to let down my parents, I am so stupid, allah is giving me lot of happiness, what i did, I am such a bad muslimah, I am trying to be a good muslim girl. Please guide me what to do about this, I want to end up this relationship and I want to start new life with good deeds. I tried to apologize allah, he is kind, but I don’t think I deserve forgiveness😔. Help me with this,