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larbi lamine asked 1 year ago

salam wa alaykum everyone i am writing this message to seek some help and advice from people who are more knowledgeable than i am. recently i have been at the lowest point of my entire life and i just cant do this anymore. I have now benn trying for 2 years to open all kind of businesses do little flips and such and LITTERALLY everything FAILS for me but it works for others. i am 20 years old no job lost all my money trying to invest for businesses no current education i am just a total failure. I will have an idea work day and night for it and fail than some other guy will have the same idea do the minimum work and have major succes. at this point i think i am cursed or something weird is happenning because it is logically not possible that i have so many failed attempts and people who come after me have it 100x better than me. Do you think i am cursed or Allah doesnt like me or something i just dont know what to think anymore. maybe it doesnt look that bad on text but trust me when i tell you i am truly suffering from all those losses and fails and it hurts me even more when i see other people who have it all and are just so lucky