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Learner1 asked 10 months ago

I am a 22 year old male and was molested homosexually 5 years back by a relative. I was on bed at night and i think he took me sleeping but i was awake. He touched me inappropriately kissed me while pushing himself into me.I was shattered and got so afraid as i was lifeless.He then loosened my trouser and started masturbating me.For an instance the temptation came as a whisper of satan not by the whole experience but the touch on my genital and its sensitivity.He then tried to continue and i pushed him aside while confronting him seriously.The thing is i took time to stand for my honour and the temptation that rose for a while even in such crucial stage. I could have stood for my self since i was not naive like a woman or child.I can be a sinner but i can never even think of homosexuality.I cant think of doing it to anybody nor being subjected to it but somehow i did it unintentionally.I fear the wrath of Allah.The event still haunts me till date even years have passed

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ISCC Staff answered 2 months ago

Wa Alykum Assalam,
 Just make Tawbah. Allah is the most forgiving and most loving.  Thanks