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L Atif asked 6 months ago

Recently, I have been struggling a lot with my faith. My life seems to be going downhill, where I am not able to achieve anything that I work towards (no matter how hard I work towards it, pray for success, etc.). A part of me feels like this is because I am homosexual. No one knows this and I have never taken part in any haram sexual acts. I did not ask to be homosexual, I did not deliberately choose to be homosexual, and I still do not want to be homosexual but from my experiences, sexuality is innate and biological.  I am aware that homosexuality is a sin in Islam but I find it difficult to rationalize that some people are born into this world as sinners, almost destined to go to hell and to never achieve anything in their lifetime. How can I seek the guidance of Allah and better myself and achieve a sense of success if my fate has already been predetermined to “disobey” Him?