QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsHow can i be involved in a sin
Fahad Khan asked 2 years ago

I wanna know know how i can be involved in a single sin.As stated by Allah ” No person will be punished for the sins of another,Each person will be brought to account for his own sins.”
The same as al-shaitan doesn’t commit sins himself but emphasizes it on other people where he doesnt forces them to do the sin but he’s kind of suggesting it by telling us the advantages of the sin.In that case we are the sinners not the shaitan.So what if i suggest a bad thing to person and he commits that sin knowing that its a sin and still commits it.Do i get involved in that sin too? Will i be punished for that too?Like if i offer beer to someone and i dont drink it at all but he does.Am i involved in that sin just because i suggested it???