QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsHow can i make proper tauba i need ur help!!!
Orange Blue asked 2 weeks ago

This started 2 weeks ago when I remembered I commited major sin. I kept trying to make tawbah but each time I would lose the guilt I had soon after. I eventually stopped trying to make tauba because I thought it was wrong to make tauba without the proper guilt. After that my imaan just keeps leaving me but I am also still scared because I know my sins wont be forgiven without tauba. I feel like im falling into ghafla now and I need my imaan back again. this morning I tried to make tuba again and last night but my worry is what if I an never make true tawba and Im stuck like this forever. they say durood helps and im trying to read durood but im worried what if it never works. I think I might have a dead heart and that worries me and I feel like its getting worse. PLZ do you have any advice because I remember the trouble im in and then I forget. I don’t like the sins and I wish they had not happened but plz plz plz do you have any advice on how to truly make tauba.