QuestionsCategory: Character & Moralshow-to-stop-hating-my-relatives
Mirza Mehernigar Farah asked 3 months ago

Assalamu alaikum, I feel severe resentment for my relatives because i feel they take unfair advantage of my father. My father is the only one among eight brothers and sisters who have earned a reputation and wealth through a lot of hard work and all his life he has tried his best to either provide monetary help for my uncles or jobs…but these people have never been successful in holding onto anything for whatever reason and are still penniless! All they do is beg to my father for money or other assistance. My father is quite old now and he is a heart patient, had both major and minor heart attacks. Now when it comes to my brother, my mother and me, my father keeps us on a tight budget. I find this quute unfair and end up having hateful feelings towards them! Please tell me how i can process my emotions internally? How do i channel this ungoverned hatred and keep myself positive?