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Rabia Nadeem asked 8 months ago

Asalam o alaikum 
i want to know where i am wrong so here i am going to discuss the problem with my husband 
my husband and i live in different cities yesterday night i told hin that i want to talk about important things so whenever you are free call me , he didn’t see any message then after 7 hours i called him to ask where he is he didn’t amswer then i came back to my city and i let him know he didn’t answer after 3 hkours he sent a message and i saw it late right after 2 hours when i saw message i called him to ask about his well being that is he okay he declined calls then he asked me to wait i waited for 2 hours and sent text is everything okay there are you oaky he didn’t read that then after 2 hours i called again and he declined then late he called and shouted at me that I didn’t respect him and his commanda i just said that i was worried about you  u didn’t pick my calls didn’t tell me is everything fine over there but he started blaming me that i am not understanding him enough and said some bad stuff about me and my relationship with my father i asked him not to say anything to My father and he was verbally  abusive again … he was unable to understand my need that i was worried for him not to disturb him i asked him if he texted me that j am busy in work or with someone I wouldn’t call you ..
any imam let me know what should i do in such cases whats the better way to lead this relation.?