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Nimra asked 3 years ago

Asalam u alikum ! Actually my question is that my Mother she never ever in my she never appreciated me for anything . I am 19 years Old . She want me to do work every time or mostly , I want to obey my parents and I am doing my Best , before I was not praying now I am trying to pray . The biggest problem is that I made a mistake when I was 17 was indulge in bad activities I fell in Love with a boy and I don’t use mobile at that time because my parents they always think that mobile is the direct way to destruction so they never gave me mobile even though my friends they have mobile doing all fun and me without , so I fell in love the boy he gave me the mobile and I used to talk to him I mean we didn’t talk but we used to text each other … One day my Mother caught me while using mobile at night time it’s been 2 years . I know it’s my mistake and I accept it but her attitude is so cold she said she forget everything she don’t wana see any mobile in my hands , she don’t wanna see me with makeup , with good dressing all those things . I am trying my best but I want to add that she is like this before this incident she used to be the same but now she is more . We never discuss anything never ever , She want me to do work related to home that is cooking , cleaning etc that’s it . Even though she gave me permission to go to my friends house but not from heart when I used to come back to home after meeting my friends she never ask me anything did you eat anything ? how was your time ? I feel like i am the worst daughter ever 🙁 what can I do please telll me ??