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Muzammil Khan asked 2 months ago

Assalam o Alaikum, Background of the Story: I am Muzammil and I am living in Australia as international student. I was living with my friends from last 6 years. All of us were more than brothers to each other. Hassan was one of them who were closest to me and I were closest to him.   One day, Hassan abused my, insulted, shouted at me, cursed me, and said Muzammil does not deserve to be talked. He said leave the house or else he will fight and call the police. It was the first time when he said. I kept quiet, was talking to him so politely never even raised my voice by the grace of almighty Allah. I was shivering as I am never used to hear people shouting and on top of everything it was Hassan (who knows me more than anyone else in my life). The issue of misunderstanding was Hassan was staying in my room for some days because his room was occupied by guest. The guest moved back to his place and Hassan moved back with his luggage to his room. I thought Hassan has moved back, so I changed the setting and moved his bed back.  When he saw that, He thought I want him to leave this room. Allah knows my intension, I never thought so. Even though I was depressed, and frustrated, next day I went to him and asked him what happened to you why are you doing this. The entire day he did not speak a word. Well, the short story is, he said Muzammil you do not deserve to be answered and kept quiet while I was explaining everything for approx. 15mins. I explained everything that it was just a misunderstanding nothing else. Why would I force you to leave the place? Even you can come back whenever you want. Well, He said you are no body to me. I talked to my other housemates(one of them is Hassan\’s brother), they did not help me and said do whatever you guys want. After all this, I sincerely talked to Allah, did istakhara and sought His guidance. I, first time in my life, decided to leave the house. Before that I never made any decision for myself, I always think of my brother friends first ahead of me. Well, my housemates did not even bother. My mutual friend came one day to solve this issue. Everyone realised that Hassan is wrong he should be apologised. They talked to me and him, but Hassan was unwaveringly resistant. He said Muzammil does not even deserve anything. They came to me finally that Muzammil you go and talk to him, but we guarantee you, the decision to leave the house will still be yours(as I was so determined and persistent). I went to Hassan, apologised with my both hands joined together and forgave him as well before even he uttered a word. It was my first line when I entered in his room. I apologise of my behaviour and before even you have to apologise, I forgive you as well for everything by the grace of Almighty Allah. My other mutual friend said  Muzammil you are leaving the house anyways, at least clear the stuff and become normal friends again. I did but it was all in vain. Because we both were blaming each other for nothing. After couple of hours, I apologised with both my hands again and said I forgive you without even you realised, and Allah knows my intension and I seek your forgiveness as well. Then Hassan also apologised for his behaviour with both his hand tight together and said do not leave the house. I mentioned that this is separate thing, I have to leave the house, this is my decision (as my accommodation was confirmed , my luggage was packed, my final notice had been confirmed). After that, we hugged together smiled and talked to each other happily. After two days, I talked to Hassan personally that now I am happy we are friends back again Alhamdullilah. As I am leaving the house, I need your suggestion just as we used to talk like old besties, and I want to make sure that you do not feel bad about it. He said I am also leaving the house within one month because of my visa purposes. I said ok. I informed him the purpose of that meeting is I want you to never think that I am leaving because of our misunderstanding or fight. I have removed everything from my mind, and Allah knows that too. You are beloved to me and clearly, sincerely, and purely are now my brother again. He said, since you have mentioned. I will now try not to think anything negative about you. For the next three days, I was spending time with all my friends one by one and eating together which I never used to do before because of my medical condition as well as busy routine. Even I forced Hassan to go out with me to have dinner somewhere, and he was taunting and saying you are leaving that is why want to collect memories. I said no, of course we will meet again , all of us will come to each other’s place. I am leaving this house but not you guys. The next day they taunted again, you are leaving then the door of our hearts will also be closed. I said in reply, guys I am very upset as I do not want to leave this place. I need your support. Please do not say these taunting words. This is the time when I need all of you. You guys know very very very well how much it is hard for me to live alone. Do not say these words in my last moments. On the day of leaving, all of my friends one by one said do not go. I told them it is not in my hands I must go. Why are you stopping me at his moment? All of you except Hassan encouraged me to leave the house, helped me to confirm my notice and about final rent. All of them never said a word. I explained them, this is the time for to leave and you guys are saying do not go. It will be hard for me to move to a new place first time in my life where I don’t know anyone except Allah. I also told all of them we will meet again, I will come to you every week. I will mis you and bla bla and left. I told Hassan’ brother, I at least have to go until my next lease period expires in my new place I will come back again in case. He dropped me to where I wanted to be and helped me with my luggage. When I moved to my new place, I noticed a big shift in my friend’s behaviour specially Hassan and his brother. Nobody ever contacted me. I messaged them asking for help as I did not have food to eat and money, but they said they did not have money and never showed back. Once I wanted to visit them, Hassan conveyed me a message that Muzammil will never enter in this house again. I told this to other friends one by one. That I want to come to meet you, but I don’t know why did Hassan stop me? How can I come. They said we cannot do anything we can meet outside somewhere. I was literally shocked. Since then, it has been 4 months now. Hassan never said a word to me never contacted me. We used to work in same place. He never even said Assalam o Alaikum. He acted as if I am stranger to him. He also advises everyone , whoever want to bring Muzammil home, then that person will never be his friend. They all knew my medical and financial condition very well, my severe sensitivity to food and stomach. But still never even asked how I am living. I told them I suffering as I am broke. I asked them to give twenty dollars loan so I can eat something as I have not for days. In fact, they broke the relationship up. I was 10 times more depressed with their behaviour because before leaving the house, I talked to everyone personally and persuaded them about leaving the house. Everyone understood and let me go. Hassan was the only one who never stopped me at all or never said a word about why I am leaving or do not go except the day of resolution of the dispute. But now they do not even want to remember me at all. Specially Hassan, because of him everyone else is also separated apart from me. Our mutual friend whenever talked to me they all blame me, they say everyone is right, we stand with them, Muzammil you left the house even after Hassan apologised and rest of the house mates are also angry on you as they tried to stop you, but you still had to leave. Hassan never wants to see your face, so now Muzammil you go apologise for what you did so everything will be alright. They all want me to realise my sinful act and to know the reason of the sever relationship. I have talked to Allah many times, think about it many times, every time they look wrong to me as they have cut off all the bonds and separated apart permanently which is sin.   One day, Hassan left Australia forever and nobody informed about his departure. I was upset contacted his brother, that you knew everything but still you did not even do anything not even told me that he is leaving. He said I was bound by Hassan, he told me not to tell Muzammil. I was also happy that he is gone, and I can now meet my friends. But I found they do not want to meet. I told my mutual friends(they both were shifted at that place) as Hassan is gone; I want to visit my friend at my old place. They said they do not want to meet you. And as I already contacted them couple of times when Hassan was here that I want to meet you, but Hassan said Muzammil cannot enter. They should have at-least informed me that Muzammil you can come now as Hassan is not here. But not body even contacted me since now except mutual friends saying I am wrong. This is all my mistake. Everyone is angry because I listen to nobody. QUESTION: My friends decided to sever the bond with me. My friends say I am the reason to be blamed for all. Why did I leave the house? Hassan and other friends do not want to see my face again and they are all right. They said Hassan is angry because after accepting his apologise why did Muzammil still left? My question to you Imam is : According to Shari’ah and Islamic Rulings, what ever I have explained you above am I sinful? Apart from doing any Ihsaan, what obligation on my part is remaining? What did I do wrong? Or Am I guilty in front of Allah?? Have I done something NOT ALLOWED in ISLAM which make Allah unhappy? How Can they be right and me wrong? They have severed our relationship which is sinful? What did I do wrong if I wanted to leave the house? Is it sinful? Please Advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!