QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsI have heard that couples are already made in heaven , so as i make dua that may Allah write someone in my destiny. Does it make sense or is it that the power of dua can change anything
Raouf Mehraj asked 1 year ago

Assalamu Alikum
May Allah shower his blessings on you, i will be very thankful for your help
My question is that
I love a girl immensely and want to marry her, but as of now neither my patent will agree for marriage now will her parents agree as we both are studying. I admit we talk to each other on phone and it is not permissible but it is that i have been in love with her since i was 15 year old and she too had feelings for me. As I approached her then in 2010 for the first time, she said, “It is not permissible for us to keep any contact” but when i told her whether she would marry me, she said “In Sha Allah, i live for that day”. We both tried to keep ourselves away from each other till we marry and make ourselves halal for each other. As time pass we have been losing our patience and moreover since 2010 it has been a long time. We tried a lot but since august 2018 we could not help ourselves, we are in contact but just on mobile phone since august 2018. I know and i accept it is a sin to talk to her but it is simply i cant help myself now. I am 24 year old now and so is she, we must be married now, our body demand of it, our heart demands of it and our soul demands of it but the place where we live, here it is too young to be married now. In our society (100% muslim population) they believe good age for marriage is 30 or more. For me it is like impossible to tell my parents to get me married right now and same is for her.
Right now we both feel regret of having this contact, we both ask for forgiveness in every nimaz for this mistake. We even decided to break contact till marriage but then failed to do so just after few days. Now we both feel regret and helpless at the same time.
I request your good self to help me with it, tell me what we must do and also tell me that
When i make dua i say to Allah that write her in my destiny in this world and also in jannah. My quuestion is that i have heard that couples are already made in jannah, so when i make this dua, does it make any sense or is it that it becomes useless or is it that dua can change anything, that if we are not written for each other but our dua can change it and Allah will write us in each other’s destiny.