Tamia asked 4 months ago

I have a friend who I have been very close to for a long time, but this year we have encountered many problems in our friendship. She is always lying to me and others about things and when I bring it up she doesn’t acknowledge it. I have also found that she’s sometimes speaking badly of me behind my back. These problems are also starting to affect my friendships and relationships outside of ours. I know I am supposed to forgive which I have done many times, but the negativity is starting to take a toll on me emotionally and has caused other issues to occur putting me in bad situations. I told her that I don’t think we should be friends anymore and that I didn’t want to speak to her although I have to see her every day and we are on the same team as well as have the same friends. I can tell that she is very upset and angry about everything because she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong. I don’t know if I made the right decision or went about this the right way and I am looking for some guidance.