QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceI want to marry a christian woman
Youssef asked 5 months ago

Salam i have a question about my current life situation. I myself am a muslim but i have had intercource with a non muslim girl and she is now 40 weeks pregnant, we are not married but she was raised by her parents as a christian and we want to get married. But i know that she is not really a strict christan she doesnt go to church on sundays ensofort. But she wants to marry me and she said that she is qurious and open to islam but she wants me to teach her and learn her about islam. And i am planning to do so but the baby is coming soon this week or next week and i dont know if i can be with her and try and teach her islam so she maybe conferts to islam if the islam is saying that if somebody has a child out of wedlock with a non muslim he should leave her so he doesn’t sin again. But how can i leave her and the baby when she said that she is interested in learning islam. Also islam said that the baby should not be entitled to me as the bialogical father but what if i stay with her and the baby and she maybe conferts to islam?