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Ameera asked 5 months ago

AA, I come from a family where some people are practicing and there are some people who are not practicing. Most are non-practicing. I have gone through many issues. I am not allowed to wear hijab. I have gotten in trouble by my parents for praying in public as I did not want to miss a prayer and there was no masjid nearby. I have been restricted from praying fajr on our vacation. I had to miss it for a week. I am always criticized for how I practice islam. I need help from any islamic scholar if you do not mind. I am currently in a tough situation. I am 18 years old just for reference. My mother was telling me today that I am only able to marry someone from my ethnicity, however I have fell in love with someone outside of my ethnicity and we are waiting right now until we are older to do nikkah. I met this guy who helped me a lot with islam and answered many questions about it. However, I have cut all ties off with this man and agreed if we were meant to be we will find our way back. We both know that speaking to a non mahram is haram, which is also a reason we cut each other off completely and do not talk anymore, This is because Allah knows best and if that person is written for me then they will come back no matter what happens. We did it for the sake of Allah and in hopes to improve our relationship with Allah SWT then maybe He will reunite us later. I have already prayed istikhara up to 7 times and have only got positive signs of this man. I have also met his mother too. Now I am unsure what to do now? We met online and we live very far away from each other. He lives in a whole different country. However, if we find our way back to each other and once we are financially stable, he said he would come to my house to ask for my hand in marriage with his mother. He has both of my parents numbers. However, today my mother told me I can only marry someone from my own ethnicity which is really upsetting me even if I am young as my heart yearns for this certain man. My parents have heard about this guy and saw me texting him as they have went into my phone to check my texts. They got very mad as they thought he was brainwashing me to practice islam excessively in a way. I need help and unsure what to do as I would not even be able to have contact with this man or meet him in person with a mahram of course until about 3 years and half once he is financially stable. This meeting would be to do nikkah. Thank you and JazakAllah.