QuestionsCategory: Food & DrinkI was unaware I bought a cat who was fed food containing pork.
NIMRA Ali asked 2 years ago

I bought a cat recently and didn’t know the previous owners were feeding him food that contained pork. My husband now believes that everything has become haram (as I gave milk to the cat in a bowl and he’s drank water from a glass on the table and so on) in the home and I should just get rid of the cat entirely. I wasn’t aware the food contained pork until I went to buy more and actually got to read the ingredients, I have changed his food but my husband now doesn’t want to eat from home. Is my husband being to extreme? I’m aware pork is haram but I didn’t buy the food, it came with the cat. The family that owned him were also Muslims. I know Islam is forgiving if you weren’t aware of something and bought it or consumed it.