QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsIf the world were to become fully islamic? Child brides?
Zeynep asked 1 year ago

As-salamu Alaykum,
I’ve had this question for a long time. I know Prophet Muhhamed married one of his wife when she was around 6 and waited till she was 9 to sleep with her (correct me if I’m wrong). I understand this is because she was mentally and physically capable and mature, since this was around 16000 or 17000 years ago (correct?). I know things were different and people matured much faster. However, I don’t remember the Quran giving an age here comes my question. If the world were to be fully islamic, who’s stopping a pedophile saying a modern 6 year old (which they are not) is physically and mentally capable of being married to him? Would we still have an age limit? I mean most 18 year olds are mature enough these days. So how do you know which age? Who decides whether a child is mature (physically and mentally) enough to have kids? Their parents? Themselves? How would we deal with this?
Thank you for your time.