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Md Tanweer Asif asked 2 years ago

Assalam Walikum
My father bought a land and built a room on that land where we were living a family of six.Iam the eldest brother with one young brother and two sisters.We were very poor and after I graduated I went to Saudi and my parents demande that I should build a proper house.So they demolished the one room and I had to build the house with a nere salary of 30000 Rupees a month.But some how I managed.My younger brother who never contributed a penny in building the house now wants half of it.My parents are also supporting him.I asked them they can devide the land that our father bought equally,and the house that build of two rooms should be on my name.And my brother can build a new house on top of thay but they refuse.I feel Iam wronged here and the house I build with so hardwork will easily go to my younger brother who never did anything.Please help me,I want to know what my are doing is right,or whether Iam wrong.I always do what my parents wants because all they want is money from me,I have spent on my sister marriage ,build a house and I will be marrying my little sister where they want extravagant ceremony for their daughter.Sometime their demand put my family under pressure but I still do but Now feel very wronged since my younger britger never contributed in anything .Please give me the answer so I can find solution as per Islamic law.