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Abdullah abdullah asked 1 year ago

Salam aleikum brother I have a question, my parents want to give us equal inheritance, my 2 sisters and my brother are in favor of this, however i dont agree with it, they think of me as greedy and only want money. However, I know that a man has a obligation to spend on his family and children as islam has clearly told us so, I want to know what is my right as a muslim in this situation, i have tried telling them that this is fardh and the reasoning behind women inheriting half of what a man inherits but they all think im greedy and only want the money. I want to know if i am supposed to obey my parents in this situation, despite it affecting my children and our financial situation, whereas my sisters would not suffer as their husbands have to be financially responsible and only spend their money. I also want to know if there are any hadith that say a man has to inherit twice as much as a woman does. Do you recommend i do as they say and take equal inheritance? I should also mention i brought up me giving half of my inheritance to charity in order to test if my siblings only wanted it for personal greed and not understanding the importance of being a financial guardian. I should also mention im the youngest of all my siblings so they dont take me seriously. Will I be rewarded for stepping down and taking equal inheritance? Please help me with all information you have on this topic jazak allah khair Sent from my iPhone